Delicious Detox, could it be possible?!
12 Week Detox  Begins Oct. 4, 2019
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Taste and see that the detox is good.
Get 12 spice shakers shipped to your door JUST FOR JOINING THE 12-Week Detox!!
"So, icecream, chocolate and my other favorites..
Can I really eat them and detox my body!?!"
Yes you can.
Yes it's real.

👀"What? How? Why?"👀
👂"Tell me more..."👂
You don't need to keep failing at your nutrition.
If you're constantly tired, like you have perpetual jetlag..
If your joints and muscles are achy..
If a body "reset" seems like a mirage, or like a miracle would need to happen first..
If the thought of actually synchronizing your body, your mind seems like a mirage..

   🔑🔑Then this program is your key. 🔑🔑
There really is a way you can enjoy your favorites and become HEALTHIER, FEEL BETTER and HAVE MORE ENERGY 
(to do the things your love or get to that promotion at work). 

I've worked with dozens of people and health centers. I've found that those who succeed, in short and long term, are those who are able to find pleasure in what they are taking on.
here's what You're probably Doing:
👇👇 👇👇
⏪ rewind⏪
Depriving your body of: nutrient, flavor, attention and pleasure, trying to follow a trend or "advice" (although you don't even know where it comes from).

🔜 Force a smile and motivation but you feel.. well..

🔜 Crappy, cranky, stressed, tired, achy, stagnant, foggy and wonder if "faking-it-til-you-make-it" could apply here. Thinking: "Do I really have to work harder?! Why do some people make it look so easy?" 

🔜 Get tired of forcing and faking the newest "good habit" that's out there.
🔜 "Phew, glad that deprivation is over." Go back to old habits. "At least I'm not buy veggies just to throw them out after 2-3 weeks"

🔜 At least you don't feel crappy and deprived, now you just feel jet lagged, foggy minded and achy.

🔝Start the cycle all over again.
 Think to yourself that maybe this is just your lot in life, after all "you did it to yourself" and end up in another year of defeat. 🔚 
⏩fast forward ⏩
🔑🔑^That, is toxic.^🔑🔑
Mentally and physically.
Noone has time for that

Do that once or twice and you're bound to end up in a cycle that keeps you dependent on fake "gurus" and fitness models.

You're not alone. Current food habits are leaving many tired, achy, foggy minded, with regular knoted and upset stomachs and likly carrying around extra weight

- Most people don't know that they can actually detox their body while eating delious foods and feeling satisfied.

- That's because it's exhausting trying to organize the latest trendy FAD "diet" for the few weeks you're on it. 

- And once those "diet" are over, they leave you in the deep end with no real motivation or direction beyond the confusing deprivation and stress it just put you thru. 

Blogs, books and fitness model advice doesn't help because they're full of partial truths and lies.

- Touted "Detox" drinks don't do anything!!  (They might make you poop and make you feel cranky, but they don't detox your body, they don't contain the specific nutrients your body needs to detox.)

AND worst of all most people believe that having energy, stomach feeling well, and feeling fit IS attainable, BUT past failures (even the small ones) cause disbelief that ultimately knots the heart and prevents lasting change.
🔑🔑 There's no shame in being confused about nutrition 🔑🔑
You don't need to stay confused and falling pray to any junk advice that bombards you.

To be honest, most "first world problems" are so petty that it became a term used for jokes.
This problem one isn't one for the jokes.
Scientists Estimate That 700 Toxicants Are Floating Around Inside The Average Person in the the U.S.
This stat is from the Institute of Functional Medicine
That's a big mess. 
And it's incredible that most people aren't allowing their body to eliminate it. 
And THESE TOXICANTS are the culprit of so much discomfort and unrest inside of our bodies.

Try this: pull a few pices of processed food out of your cupboard or fridge and on the ingredient list look for: canola oil (rapeseed oil), vegetable oil or soy bean oil, safflower oil or sunflower oil. 

These oils are often tainted with moleculaes that can cause cellular and genetic damage (the scientific term for these molecules are known as lipid peroxides, there's a reson the term "peroxide" is used (and yes, you're probably regularly consuming these). Even majority of olive oil have these too.

And these oils (and added sugars/carbs) are found in a multitude of foods, even foods marketed as "healthy." I'll show you what to actually look for when you shop.

Don't sweep the "dirt" under the rug  any longer, especially since  MORE "dirt" is being eaten AND produced in the body EVERYDAY!

⏩Fast Forward ⏩
So what happens when you DON'T do something about it? 
What happens to your body when you leave these toxicants to float around in your body?!?
- multiply themselves (especially the lipid peroxides and other oxidative molecules)
float around in the body and lodge themselves in tissue (especially fat tissue)
-cause cellular, tissue damage and genetic damage
- cause damage to blood vessels
- upset hormone balance
All the tired, foggy, achy days with anupset and knoted stomach is your body begging you to listen. 

Your body is begging you to make a change.
So What Do You Do About It?
Let's Unlock Some Secrets

🔑🔑Follow The Keys🔑🔑

It's not your fault that navigating health and that there are so many lies out there,
so why would you punish and deprive yourself for it??
🔑🔑 Most of these foods are included in the detox diet anyway.. 🔑🔑
🔑🔑The real key is that healthy doesn't mean deprivation, 
That's why you will have built in cheat days, meals or daily snacks throughout the entire program. 🔑🔑

discover real-food versions of foods that you love so they don't even have to count as "cheat"... because, well they're part of the plan!  🔑🔑
The Keys Are In Our Method 
In Just 12 Weeks You Can:
🔑🔑Unlock your body's healing pathways with specific meal plans, foods and timed eating

🔑🔑Eat for specific metabolic pathways that allow your body to detox 

🔑🔑Eat delicious food to detox your body, feel better, and have more energy

🔑🔑Detox the: stress, crappy mindsets and uncertainties about food and eating

🔑🔑Hit the "reset" button once and for all

🔑🔑Restore your body 

🔑🔑Develop habits that can be kept for a life time

🔑🔑Journey with like minded people (who resonate with this message). 
🔑🔑 Discover quick and easy recipes and meal plans that you can keep forever, and you have the ability re-use days and weeks long after the program finishes (I recommend at least an annual detox).

🔑🔑 Have resource guides for food product purchases in the grocery store
Program Begins Oct. 4, 2019
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
The Plan
  • You get your own app (and web interface)
    HIPPA compliant where most stuff takes place with food and lifestyle diary, schedule, group and 1:1 sessions
  • ​Weekly LIVE and INTERACTIVE strategy sessions/trainings
    All teachings are recorded and posted in group for later viewing as well. 
  • Weekly web/mobile-based group coaching sessions
    Weekly group check-ins, sharing wins, struggles and "ah ha!" moments
  • ​12 Week Detox Workbook 
    (hardcopy and PDF, created by me)
     How to get the most of the program, set up for the program, break down of each week's topic, space for note taking during session, metric tracking, quality oil buying guide. App. 60 pages.
  • ​Four 1:1 sessions with detox Dietitian(Alicia Youlton)
    We chat over the HIPPA compliant app 
  • ​Your own app 
    HIPPA compliant with food and lifestyle diary, schedule, group and 1:1 sessions
  • ​24 hour support Text your Dietitian (Alicia Youlton)
    via app at any time! Get a response within 24 hours (except on Sundays)
  • ​10 weeks of Metabolic Meal plans
    Specifically designed to nourish metabolic pathways that process toxicants and eliminate them from our body
    ****Shopping lists can include enough for mulitple (ie your family or significant other)- however, noone else will be added to your program with sessions and 1:1 time****

Alicia Youlton, MS RD RYT200

Master'of Science in Nutrition and Physiology
Registered Dietitian 
Registered Yoga Teacher 200hour training

We're about to do life TOGETHER, 
in both yoga pants and business clothes. 🔑🔑
-Alicia, coach, friend and expert in nutrition and health. 
The Four Phases
Phase 1
Length: 1 week

Topic: Mindset and Motivation

Food Plan: none

1:1 Before phase 2 begins

Challenge: Introducing personalized intermittent fasting.  Getting familiar with the app.
Phase 2
Length: 3 week

Topic: Detox

Food Plan: Detox

Education: Strategizing habits of detox, how the body detoxes, detoxes on your own once the program ends.

1:1 Before phase 3 begins

Challenge: New recipes, items and food combinations. Meal plans are personally created, and most enjoyed recipes will be repeated to build muscle memory. 
Phase 3
Length: 3 week

Topic: Restore

Food Plan: Restore

Education: Strategizing habits of restore, the cellular processes that are targeted in restore, restoring on your own once the program ends. 

1:1 End of phase 3/begining of phase 4

Challenge: Foods are similar to detox foods, but we may decide to push carbs back til later in the day, or cycle in low carb days
Phase 4
Length: 5 week

Topic:  Becoming your own guru. Specific aspects of carrying health and nutrition with you from here on out. 

Food Plan: whole foods, re-introducing and mixing in your old favorites as week 10 and 11 approach. 
Week 12 has no official meal plan, but will strategized together.

Education:  Psychology/Neurology of nutrition, carbs, fats, proteins,  and meal planning

1:1 End of phase 4

Challenge: Identifying personal take aways and habits to grab onto and take with out- then actually doing it. 
The Four Core Values
If you were to take out a piece of paper, and draw how you feel inside your skin and inside your mind what would your drawing look like?

Go ahead, do this now. 

I want to put a *pause video screen here but this isn't a video*

Does your drawing suprise you? Does it depict self-love?

Are any of the componts you drew just you being hard on yourself and believing the lie that there's a perfect image to fit into?
Be honest. 

The workbook I've created checks in with mind body connection each week and prompts additional questions of personal growth.
Food is obviously a central component of body detox and you will be given semi-personalized meal plans that have been analyzed and carefully created to ensure correct micronutrient portions required not only for the detox and restore, but for regular cellular function. 

Meals are flavorful and 

There will also be education on may different aspect of food, from prepping, to shopping, creating meals, macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat) to micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and others), and nutritional labels.
I want you to suceed long after this program is finished. I've specifically designed the educational aspects to teach you how to navigate in the "wild-west" of popular, scientific and daily nutrition.

This program is designed to  develop a knowledge that can keep the momentum going after the program finishes

Although there are many topics and specialities nutrition, our focus leans towards daily life application ie WHAT DO YOU DO.
Muscle Memory/ Habit
The best way to keep up habits is to build muscle memory. 

Have you ever been driving home and when you get there can't remember the actual drive or if you stopped at every stop sing?

Think of a world where your health habits are so ingained you make these meals and go grocery shopping without even recalling it- well let's face it, you're already doing that, just with different recipes. 

I was studying clinical nutrition yet feeling tired, foggy and slumpy. 

Even the correct knowledge wasn't enough, I had to do something different than what I had been doing.. 

But it wasn't always that way...  I was young, super thin and very 'free' (but not the least bit healthy), I could keep that teenage figure with Butterfingers and pizza bagels (and I smoked cigarette). 

But, in 2009, the death of my sister left me rocked, depressed and gaining weight. "One day" I woke up 40lbs heavier than I last checked. Yes, a full 40lbs. My body was achy and feeling sore all the time, my body didn't recognize itself anymore and it was begging me for the chance to feel better. I couldn't believe it. I had already stopped smoking cigarettes- now it was time to change my eating and exercise habits. 

But you see, since I had just gone thru a world wrecking tradgedy, I couldn't be motivated by fear. (I do believe it's very important to do a very real self assessment and recongnnize where you are and decide if you want to spend one more day in that direction.)

 And that's what I decided one day. It was one day, one decision that changed the direction of my life. So, I learned how to navigate the waters of food and health. There wasn't a program out there that fit the what I needed. 

So I developed one for myself, studied clinical nutrition, became a certified (power) yoga instructor, went to grad school for nutrition, became a dietitian and became a member of Institute of Functional Medicine. 
What Others Are Saying About Working With Alicia
**Note, check the bonuses on the next page, I'm sharing a goodie box with you too. It's just what I do. 
12 Week Detox Begins Oct. 4, 2019
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
There's still more!
  • Additional Follow-Up  1:1 consultation, one month after program ends
  • Additional Month Access to App with food and lifestly journal and group and private detox group
  • PRIVATE and Group Follow-Up Support for an additional month
  • Measure and record metrics package (pictured) 
  • 40 oz Vacuum Insulated Bubba Water Bottle (pictured) 
  • Resuable Pure Platium Silicone Freezer and Storage Bags Reduce the use of plastic storage bags that leech chemicals into your food. Safe to use in freezer, microwave, boiling water and ovens upto 480℉.
    These will be useful for us when we prep bags of beans and store them in the freezer and dethaw food.
  • ​​Welcome Spice, Tea and Mayo Box
    12 spices (cumin, chili powder, paprika, turmeric, oregano, chayenne, curry, basil, ground mustard, sesame seed, nutritional yeast, onion pwoder; spices may change, but there will be 12 different spices), chamomile and herbal tea, plus high quality mayo
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Track and Record Metrics

Watching and quanitifying progress can be so satisfying. Utilize these tracking tools to help you quanitfy the progress you make.

Spices!! Flavor for dishes

Get 12 different spices sent to your door, just for signing up. 

Spices!! Flavor for dishes

Get 12 different spices sent to your door, just for signing up. 

40oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steal Bubba Water Bottle

Comes in one of 6 different colors, you get to choose!  Small mouth hole (so you don't get spills like you do with others). Stay hydrated without using plastic!! 

Non-toxic Freezer/Storage Food Bags

As we work to reduce toxicant expsoure, plastic containers is one of the harderst to avoid. I've got you covered. BPA-free, latex free, PVC free, 100% pure platinum silicone bags.

Non-toxic Freezer/Storage Food Bags

As we work to reduce toxicant expsoure, plastic containers is one of the harderst to avoid. I've got you covered. BPA-free, latex free, PVC free, 100% pure platinum silicone bags.
PLUS! Download all your digital journals and progress! 
12 Week Detox Begins Oct. 4, 2019
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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